2023 Easy to Build- Wix Website Templates- by Business Industry

2023 Easy to Build- Wix Website Templates- by Business Industry

Premium Wix Templates
Premium Wix Templates

In this modern digital world, websites are crucial in every business (big or small). CIS Agency has built the right one for you!

Having your own website is a must for today's professionals, no matter what industry you work in, and most business owners have taken measures to adapt to the new reality in 2023. Many of them have increased their online activities to reach out to their client base and keep their business alive by selling their products and services online -but not all of them-.

Many are still looking for ways to create a new website, redesign their old one, and join in this new digital journey. --For this reason, CIS Agency wants to help simplify this transition.

Our wonderful & talented team of graphic designers has spent hours creating new and stunning Wix website templates for various industries and purposes. -And because there are so many amazing concepts for small businesses, our Wix website templates collection continues to grow.

Check out our latest template designs and top picks by industries- Yes, they are fully customizable and mobile-friendly!

OFFICIAL WIX PARTNER CIS Agency is here for you. We have partnered with Wix to support, build, and create your perfect website. Our in-house certified Wix experts have created the visual aesthetics you are looking for. Through our strategic partnership, we can provide support to all Wix websites.

Choose From CIS Agency's Best New Wix Website Templates

We wanted to make sure we gave you the creative freedom you need to customize to your own brand needs. So, whether you need a new business website, portfolio, blog, or landing page--you have certainly come to the right place.

Below, we've provided a list of our latest templates categorized by industry. When you pick the right one for your brand, you can fully customize, revisit and edit until you're satisfied enough to publish and go live!

View CIS Agency's Wix Template Designs by Industry:


CIS Agency's 2023 Best New Templates

01. Automotive Wix Website Templates

Our new and modern Automotive Wix templates are designed for auto repair shops, collision repair, motorcycle repairs, spare parts and accessories stores, car washes, service stations, car showrooms, painting, major auto centers, or any other business related to cars and car services.

We have carefully created our templates to bring you an easy customizing experience to your own brand with strong CTAs and category strips that make it perfect for displaying multiple services, special offers, or monthly coupons.

02. Beauty & Wellness Wix Website Templates

Stand out with our latest Beauty & Wellness Wix templates. We have designed unique and colorful multi-page Website templates that are fully functioning and mobile-friendly. These modern premium styles are perfect for a beauty salon, nail salon, spa, and really for any small business that needs a booking system. You can easily edit our templates according to your business needs.

03. Construction Wix Website Templates

We have created a variety of clean and attractive Wix website templates that are perfect for construction businesses, contractors, and home remodelers that are ready to get their online presence off the ground.

This is a great opportunity to let your customers know about your products & services. We've added galleries to easily upload and display your recent work. It's mobile-optimized and easy to customize - you could start marketing your site today!

04. E-commerce Wix Website Templates

eCommerce websites are in high demand this year. We have created modern & trendy templates designed for small business owners and e-commerce shops to elegantly showcase their products. The latest Wix Store integration makes it easy for your clients to browse, shop, and pay for your products directly on your website.

05. Electrical Services Wix Website Templates

In order to start a successful business, it's very important you let your clients know specifically what services you provide. Our fresh and professional Electrical Services Wix templates get straight to the point, providing sections for describing your services, and strong CTA's to facilitate clients to contact you.

06. Healthcare Services Wix Website Templates

When we think of Healthcare websites - clean and attractive- comes to mind. At CIS Agency we have created beautiful and professional Web templates perfect for doctors, dentists, hospitals, or anyone involved in the healthcare industry. Customize to your own brand identity and get your online presence off the ground.

08. Law Firm Wix Website Templates

Are you looking for mobile-friendly law firm web templates? Then you're in the right place! Our team has designed modern and professional Law Firm Wix Website templates ideal for legal and consulting services.

Give yourself a chance to shine and join the digital world. Advertise your legal services, grow your reputation and build your customers' trust with testimonials.

09. Plumbing Services Wix Website Templates

When we create a new template we take into consideration how you can set your small business apart. Our new Wix templates for Plumbing or Handyman services are easy to customize and mobile-friendly.

​​The professional feel provides a space to make a good first impression by describing your company's background and services and introducing yourself.

10. Professional Services And Life Coach Wix Website Templates

Are you a Freelancer or perhaps starting a new business and you are looking for a template to expose your Professional or Life Coach Services online?

Our new Professional Services Wix Website Templates provide that fresh and sophisticated layout you are looking for. Each homepage entices potential customers to schedule a consultation. We made sure to provide space to make a good first impression by describing your company's background, services and introducing the team.

Its versatility also makes it the perfect template for freelancers and bloggers as well. Each of our Wix templates is responsive and mobile-friendly.

11. Real Estate Wix Website Templates

Having a professional website is very important for Real Estates and Real Estate Agents. It differentiates you from the competition, generates quality leads, and can potentially increase your sales by exposing your services online. From Home Rentals, Home Sales, Property Appraisals, to Financial Support- we left a space for you to detail all your services.

At CIS Agency we have created modern new Real Estate Wix Templates for real estate agents, investors, and property managers to help you make the process of creating your website as quick and easy as possible. Choose your exclusive Wix web design and start to showcase your featured properties on the latest listings tab.

12. Food & Beverage Wix Website Templates

Food and Restaurants online and delivery services are here to stay. Each day we see more and more restaurants grow their online presence with delivery or pick-up services.

While this is great and exciting news for the industry. Many are still dealing with outdated sites. Our team is happy to have designed creative and trendy Food & Beverage Wix layouts that will definitely grab the attention of food lovers before they even step foot in your restaurant or cafe.

Thanks to Wix's new features, customers can choose to book a table or conveniently order food to be delivered or picked up.

13. Tech & App Wix Website Templates

When we hear Tech & App we think- Innovative & Modern- and that's exactly what our design team kept in mind to create the latest Wix Templates for Tech & App, perfect for App development, Gadgets & Accessories, and Tech solutions businesses.

Choose the right one for you and customize it to bring life to your own business brand.

14. Veterinary Wix Website Templates

Are you starting a Vet clinic or a new online pet store? or perhaps you're ready to expose your business and boost your SEO? Then you have come to the right place. Bring your love for animals to the digital world and choose from our exclusive Wix templates perfect for Veterinary clinics, pet grooming, or pet food services or any other Animal/Pet services. The creativity is yours!

15. Video & Photography Wix Website Templates

Everyone enjoys a beautiful and sophisticated Photography website. This is the perfect time to create your own portfolio and expose your art to the world.

Pick from our latest Photography & Video Wix Templates with plenty of space and galleries to upload your images and video in high resolution. Show the best of your work and detail your services, packages, and prices.

All of our templates include an "About" or "My work" page, making it easy to for customers learn more about the photographer, see behind-the-scenes content, book online, and visit your social media profiles.

Our team of professionals is ready to help you start the process or set up your new Wix Premium template today! View hundreds of custom templates built by CIS Agency.

We believe Wix is the best DIY platform for premium websites. So why not get started with a template that you can quickly optimize!

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