Customizing Wix Bookings in 2023

Customizing Wix Bookings in 2023

Wix Bookings

CIS Agency partners with Wix to build and support stunning websites for your business.

Take your website to the next level with Wix Bookings, a feature that allows customers to book appointments, consultations, classes, and more right from your website.

Using Wix Bookings?

Wix Bookings is an integrated scheduling system that can be added to any Wix website. It's an easy-to-use tool for any business that offers one-on-one or group appointments services, including hair salons, masseuses, yoga instructors, cooking classes, personal trainers, consultants, law offices, photographers, and veterinary or pet grooming services, b&bs, rental homes, you name it!

Booking Services on Wix

With Wix Bookings, your business can customize individual and group sessions with date, time, duration, and location. Set bookings to be paid or free, and choose how your customers would pay. You can accept payments from your website or ask customers to pay in person when they come for their appointment. Wix Bookings can send automated reminder emails or messages and sync with Google Calendar to prevent double bookings.

Want to know more? According to, Wix Bookings offers the following capabilities:

(Wix Bookings: About Wix Bookings)

Pros & Cons of Wix Bookings

Wix Bookings is a great service, but it has some limitations. Let's take a look at some pros and cons.


  • Easy to use. Download the Wix app on Android or iOS to easily manage bookings and add openings to your schedule!

  • It is integrated with E-commerce. E-commerce is now fully integrated into Wix Bookings without purchasing this separately.

  • No double bookings to worry about! These are not possible as the platform syncs with your calendar.

  • Customizable booking policy. Set how soon before an appointment a customer can cancel, reschedule, etc.

  • Automated reminders. Prevent missed appointments by sending reminder emails or SMS messages to customers booking with you.

  • Bookings for 1-on-1 or group sessions. Choose your maximum number of participants for group bookings and set a schedule.

  • Flexible payment options. Choose your preferred approved payment gateway provider to accept payments online or in person.

  • Wix is constantly improving their bookings program, so expect good things in the future!

  • Wix Velo allows you to customize your Wix Bookings.


  • Difficult to fully customize. When setting up bookings, you must stay within the platform's parameters unless you utilize Wix Velo for advanced customizations.

  • Not multilingual.

  • Service "add-ons" cannot be included in the booking process.

  • There is no "ticket" limit for bookings.

  • Users cannot book more than one service at once. Each booking needs to be purchased/reserved separately.

  • You cannot choose a custom time for an appointment/session. For example, to offer 30-minute and 60-minute sessions, you would need to add them as individual bookings; the customer cannot choose a time once they've clicked on a booking.

Even though some limitations apply to Wix Bookings out of the box, CIS Agency can customize your website's capabilities with Wix Velo Coding. If a functionality you want is on the "Con" list above, that doesn't mean we can't do it with custom coding solutions! To learn more about custom coding options-


Integrated Bookings for Wix Websites Sample

Is Wix Bookings right for your business?

An online scheduling tool makes things easier for you and your customers. With the lack of multilingual and customizable options, Wix Bookings may not work for everyone. However, this app may be right for you if:

  • Your business offers 1-on-1 or group appointments, classes, trips, or other scheduled services.

  • You want to integrate a simple booking system with your Wix website

  • You want to sync your customer's bookings with your Google Calendar

  • You want to process online or offline payments or offer membership subscriptions

  • You want to allow multiple staff accounts to manage bookings

If this sounds like you, learn how to add Wix Bookings to your site.

Looking for More Customizations?

At CIS Agency, we can customize your website however you want with Wix Velo Coding. Visit our "Get a Quote" page now to request your customizations and get a response in 24 hours. Do you need a new Wix template? Explore hundreds of custom Wix Built Templates here.


Disclaimer: Wix is always working to improve Bookings and E-commerce. Check with Wix documentation for the latest updates and releases that may not be covered in this post!

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